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Recovery of VMs to new CloudStack instance

Corrupt CloudStack database? In this article I’ve taken a look at how to recover CloudStack hosted VM to a new CloudStack instance when using XenServer.

Virtualisation user group talk 26/Feb – CloudStack, automated builds and Ansible

I recently did a talk on CloudStack / CloudPlatform, zero touch VMware ESXi / Citrix XenServer builds and Ansible automation at the Glasgow Virtualisation User Group meeting. Great day, lots of useful information from end […]

Cloudmonkey Ansible playbook

Cloudmonkey is distributed with Apache CloudStack, and allows for command line configuration of CloudStack resources – i.e. configuration of zones, networks, pods, clusters as well as adding hypervisors, primary and secondary storage. Using an Ansible […]

Apache CloudStack Ansible playbook

Basics As with any Ansible playbook the CloudStack playbook is fairly self explanatory and self-documenting. In short the following will install Apache CloudStack version 4.3 or 4.4 with all required components as well as CloudMonkey for […]

Host config file export VBA script

Quick followup on the previous build script posts. In short the following will write host specific config files based on spreadsheet data, writing to files based on hostname in column 1 – in the following […]

Citrix Xenserver 6.2 zero touch build scripts

Basics Scripted builds for Xenserver 6.2 is outlined in Xenserver build scripts run in the bash shell so are a bit more flexible than in ESXi. The following scripts allow for host specific dynamic zero […]