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Automating sVS to dVS migration on single NIC VMware ESXi hosts

We recently came across an issue where we needed to migrate VMware ESXi hosts from standard vSwitches to distributed vSwitches at build time and before putting the hosts into production. This is straight forward from […]

VPC to VPC VPN configuration in CloudStack

How-to for configuring inter-VPC VPN connectivity in Apache CloudStack.

ApacheCon Miami / CCCNA 2017 talk May 2017 – Apache CloudStack upgrade best practices

Apache CloudStack upgrade best practices talk from ApacheCon / CCCNA 2017 in Miami.

Virtualisation / TechUG talk 22/Feb/17 – Configuration Management best practices

Talk on how to get started and best practices for configuration management – as well as insight into how we use Ansible for our CloudStack Trillian framework.

CloudStack upgrades – best practices

An overview of some of the best practices we have learnt over the years when it comes to upgrading or migrating to Apache CloudStack.

KVM networking

Configuring linux bridge and Open vSwitch networking in CentOS and Ubuntu.