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Virtualisation / TechUG talk 22/Feb/17 – Configuration Management best practices

Talk on how to get started and best practices for configuration management – as well as insight into how we use Ansible for our CloudStack Trillian framework.

CloudStack upgrades – best practices

An overview of some of the best practices we have learnt over the years when it comes to upgrading or migrating to Apache CloudStack.

KVM networking

Configuring linux bridge and Open vSwitch networking in CentOS and Ubuntu.

Recovery of VMs to new CloudStack instance

Corrupt CloudStack database? In this article I’ve taken a look at how to recover CloudStack hosted VM to a new CloudStack instance when using XenServer.

Virtualisation user group talk 26/Feb – CloudStack, automated builds and Ansible

I recently did a talk on CloudStack / CloudPlatform, zero touch VMware ESXi / Citrix XenServer builds and Ansible automation at the Glasgow Virtualisation User Group meeting. Great day, lots of useful information from end […]

Cloudmonkey Ansible playbook

Cloudmonkey is distributed with Apache CloudStack, and allows for command line configuration of CloudStack resources – i.e. configuration of zones, networks, pods, clusters as well as adding hypervisors, primary and secondary storage. Using an Ansible […]

VMWare Fusion lab suspend/resume script

Since Fusion doesn’t have the team functionality that Workstation has I knocked up the following to suspend the current running Fusion VMs and write a new startup script for the same VMs. Suspend current running VMs with: […]